Bulgaria confiscates Islamic relics

Islamic relics belonging to Muslim foundations in Bulgaria have been seized by the Bulgarian government.

Bulgaria confiscates Islamic relics

World Bulletin / News Desk

Bulgaria's Islamic relics, which has long been the subject of debate and courts in Turkey have officially confiscated property belonging to Muslims.

The Sofia Court of Appeal has passed a decision that Islamic relics belonging to Muslims during the era's of the Bulgarian Head mufti, the Prinicipality of Bulgaria, the Kingdom of Bulgaria and the People's Republic of Bulgaria have no legal ownership by Muslims and that more than 1,500 objects have been seized claming that Muslims have no legal ownership over them.

The decision is final as a result of the lawsuit filed by the Sunni-Hanafi Muslims Foundation court case.
After the courts decision all cases requesting the requesting the return of the relics by the Sunni-Haniafi Muslims will be dropped.


Güncelleme Tarihi: 16 Mayıs 2015, 10:28