Bulgaria to build barrier along its border with Turkey

Bulgarian interior ministry proposes to build a fence against Syrian refugees influx on its southeastern border with Turkey.

Bulgaria to build barrier along its border with Turkey

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Bulgarian Interior Ministry has proposed to build a barrier fence along its southeastern border with Turkey in an effort to prevent Syrian refugees illegally entering via the border.

The ministry made a written statement on Wednesday and proposed building a 30 kilometer (19 mile) long, three meter (10 feet) tall fence in the mountainous region of Elhovo against Syrian refugees influx.

The proposal of the ministry reported that physical and surveillance approach was difficult to carry out in the region, adding 85 percent of the refugees illegally tried to enter via this region and 99 percent of them were able to be caught.

A governmental meeting will be held on Monday and a reinforcing payment will be discussed which is demanded by the institutions which deal with those refugees whose number has reached 6,305 since he beginning of this year, said the statement.

On the other hand, Bulgarian Foreign Minister Kristian Vigenin made a statement to press, saying "Bulgaria aims to find a solution for Syrian refugees which is a burdensome issue for the country and prevent a needless tension and worry among the citizens in the country."

Meanwhile, in September, the Bulgarian Interior Ministry stated that Bulgaria could not afford to fence up the Turkish-Bulgarian border when the number of Syrian refugees in Bulgaria reached 4,500.

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