Cameron calls on UK's anti-EU campaign to set out plan

Prime minister appears alongside opposition politicians to attack 'Leave' advocates

Cameron calls on UK's anti-EU campaign to set out plan

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British Prime Minister David Cameron challenged Brexit supporters to explain their post-EU economic plan in a joint appearance with leading opposition figures on Monday.

In a televised event at the Oval cricket ground in south London, Cameron accused those seeking to leave the EU of “fantasy politics” and recklessness.

“By refusing to set out their vision, they are being undemocratic and reckless,” he said. “Undemocratic because it’s the duty of anyone seeking votes to tell you what they are asking you to vote for, especially when it's on something as important as our economy.

“And reckless because by failing to set out a concrete economic plan, they are playing with people's jobs and with people's livelihoods.”

Cameron was speaking alongside senior Labour Party lawmaker Harriet Harman; Tim Farron, the Liberal Democrat leader; and Green Party head Natalie Bennett.

Britons are to vote in a referendum on June 23 on staying in or leaving the EU.

On Monday, sterling hit a three-week low against the U.S. dollar following polls that showed the “Leave” camp ahead by between four to five percentage points.

Cameron said he was proud to stand alongside his political opponents in “an unprecedented show of cross-party unity.”

Harman said “Leave” campaigners wanted to abolish safeguards for ordinary people.

“Don't speak in code,” she said. “Be honest about it. Admit that means you would abolish the rights to maternity leave and paternity leave, scrap the laws that stop employers treating part-timers as second-class citizens and which make employers pay for holiday leave.”

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