Chaos rattles Merkel, el Sisi conference

Angela Merkel called on the Egyptian president not to carry out death sentences against Mohamed Morsi. The conference ended abruptly after a student journalist yelled out, “He is a murderer!"

Chaos rattles Merkel, el Sisi conference

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 German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged visiting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi not to carry out death penalties imposed on Muslim Brotherhood leaders and opposition members in Egypt.

“We have discussed the topic of death sentences. The high number of death sentences…from our point of view, this is something that one should prevent. Germany opposes the death penalty,” Merkel said at a joint press conference in Berlin on Wednesday following her talks with el-Sisi.

The Egyptian president, however, did not signal any change in his regime’s policy, but instead asked the German side to respect Egypt’s position.

“On the death sentences…you have your own perspective that we are respecting. And you should also show respect to our perspective,” he said.

“Let us wait for the end of the judicial procedures, let us see what comes then,” el-Sisi added.

“For me, relations with Egypt have a highly strategic importance,” Merkel said, adding that Egypt could play an important role in the Middle East peace process and for stability in Africa.

El-Sisi defended the military intervention in Egypt and claimed that it saved the country from “religious fascism”, which he said would have turned the country into Syria, Libya and Yemen. 

“We have long discussed democracy. We Egyptians are also for democracy and freedoms. We share democratic principles and values. But we are going through a difficult period,” he said.

Student protests el-Sisi visit

At the end of the joint press conference, a 22-year old female Egyptian student and journalist assistant, Fagr Eladly, shouted at el-Sisi, saying: “He is a murderer,” and “We have to put down the military coup.”

However, some Egyptian journalists from el-Sisi’s official delegation intervened and chanted slogans in support of him: “Long Live el-Sisi,” and “Long Live Egypt.”

Later, Eladly told Anadolu Agency that she wanted to ask a question during the press conference, but was not allowed.

“We stand by people who are oppressed in Egypt. Because we want justice and freedom. We want people to be treated as humans,” she said.

She also criticized Merkel’s meeting with el-Sisi.

“It is not actually morally justified to support el-Sisi. Because he is not a democratic leader. He has actually denied rule of law and he has destroyed democracy in Egypt,” she added.

Earlier, Egyptian dissident groups protested el-Sisi's visit in front of the German parliament Wednesday.



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