Charles III formally proclaimed Britain's king

I am deeply aware of deep inheritance, grave duties, responsibilities passed to me, says new British monarch.

Charles III formally proclaimed Britain's king

Britain’s Charles III was formally proclaimed king at the Accession Council in London’s St James’s Palace on Saturday.

The event was televised for the first time in history and millions of Brits tuned in to watch the new monarch’s proclamation.

The ceremony was also attended by the king’s son Prince William.

The Accession Council is a group formed of Privy Counsellors, Great Officers of State, the Lord Mayor of London, Realm High Commissioners and senior civil servants, which convenes after the death of a monarch.   

Queen Elizabeth II, Charles’ mother and the UK’s longest-serving monarch, died on Thursday at the age of 96 after 70 years on the throne. 

Speaking about his “beloved mother,” the king said she “gave an example of lifelong love and of selfless service.”

“The whole world sympathizes with me in the irreparable loss we’ve all suffered,” said Charles.

“My mother’s reign was unequalled in its duration, dedication and devotion. Even as we grieve, we give thanks for this most faithful life. I am deeply aware of this deep inheritance and of the grave duties and responsibilities which are now passed to me.”