Controversial France held Halal food fair in Paris

Two-days exhibition of Halal Food and Services ended on in Frech capital Paris.

Controversial France held Halal food fair in Paris

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Two-days exhibition of Halal Food and Services ended on Paris, the capital of France which becomes a scene of the controversy about rights of Muslims over government's move on burqa ban.

This exhibition, which brings together actors of Halal distribution, manufacturers and importers in France and in Europe, is a "must-attend event of exchanges among the different circuits," Algerian Press Service (APS) cited official of organising agency of GL Events, Farid Terrache as saying here recently.

Once a small market, the halal food industry is now big business for the food industry. French media said that by the end of 2010 the sector will be worth over 5 billion euros.

Organaziers urged the Algerian producers of food processing to profit of opportunities offered by such an event to intensify their exports to Europe.

A controversy on halal burger erupted when French fast-food chain Quick announced that it was selling halal meat in eight of its restaurants. This resulted in the mayor of a small French town with one of these restaurants to file a formal complaint accusing Quick of discrimination against non-Muslims.

The French government is already facing internal dissent over a campaign to discuss national identity that has attracted accusations of racism, and a burqa law could be a difficult sell.

France today is home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, estimated at 5 million. France itself has a population of just over 60 million. For French food companies, a particularly lucrative section of this market are wealthy French Muslims, or immigrants hungry for Western-style food products but who are not willing to sacrifice their religious or culinary traditions.

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