Dutch double standard: Turkish 'No' vote on State TV

Whilst Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte claimed that Turkish rallies that were pro Erdogan were banned,a No vote campaign was broadcast on Dutch State television with a wide print campaign in Dutch dailynewspapers

Dutch double standard: Turkish 'No' vote on State TV

World Bulletin / News Desk

The President of the Union of Turkish Bar Associations (UTBA) Metin Feyzioglu gathered supporters in Rotterdam where he campaigned for the "No" vote. This meeting was broadcast on the Netherlands public television channel yet Turkish government officials were banned from promoting the "Yes" vote amongst Turkish-Dutch citizens in the country.

Dutch public TV channel NOS showed Feyzioglu meeting with Turkish citizens in Netherlands. Social media users condemned the Dutch for the double standard  by favoring the "No" vote in Turkey and interfering in the country's domestic matters.

Taking place at the Art Hotel in Rotterdam in mid February Metin Feyzioglu as well as other bar associates addressed a crowd for the No vote campaign in Turkey. 

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