E.European FMs to discuss refugee crisis

Foreign ministers of Poland, Czech Rep., Slovakia & Hungary will on meet their counterpart from Luxembourg to discuss refugee crisis

E.European FMs to discuss refugee crisis

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The foreign ministers of Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will on Monday meet their counterpart from Luxembourg, which holds the EU presidency, to discuss the refugee crisisPoland's Grzegorz Schetyna said Sunday.

"We have a meeting on Monday morning in Prague of the Visegrad Four with the Luxembourg minister. On Tuesday, the interior ministers will meet," Foreign Minister Schetyna told reporters.

"These are important meetings, and key dates to solve these important questions both for the short term and for the future of Europe," he added.

"We will talk tomorrow about how to solve the issue of the refugees, how Europe should protect its borders, and how to distinguish refugees from economic refugees," Schetyna said, noting that the so-called Visegrad states are still opposed to Brussels' proposed quota system to distribute refugees arriving in Europe.

"Each country must be able to decide how many refugees it can receive. Imposing a quota would be, in my view, against European principles," he added.

"Each country has a completely different experience (with migration). Sweden, Germany and Austria have experience receiving refugees while our countries and the Baltic states do not."

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