EU chief executive urges Greeks to vote 'yes'

EU's Juncker urges Greeks to vote 'yes' in referendum

EU chief executive urges Greeks to vote 'yes'

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EU chief executive Jean-Claude Juncker urged Greeks on Monday to back a cash-for-reform package rejected by their government, saying a 'no' vote in Sunday's referendum would mean Greece was turning its back on the European Union.

"The whole planet would consider a Greek 'no' to the question posed... as meaning that Greece wants to distance itself from the euro zone and from Europe." he told a news conference.

"I will say to the Greeks who I love deeply: you mustn't commit suicide because you are afraid of death.... You must vote yes, independently of the question asked."

Juncker said he still believed a Greek exit from the euro zone was not an option, but cautioned that he alone could not necessarily protect Athens from other leaders who may disagree.

"Playing off one democracy against 18 others is not an attitude which is fitting for the great Greek nation," Juncker said.

The Commission president said he felt deeply distressed and betrayed, believing until late on Friday that both sides were pushing towards a deal.

"Our sole concern has been to make a fair and balanced deal. This is certainly a demanding and comprehensive package, but it is a fair one... This is not a stupid austerity package," he said.

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