EU to discuss extending arms embargo on Syria

As Britain calls to arm Syrian opposition many other member states have recently objected the idea for it might deepen the crisis in Syria.

EU to discuss extending arms embargo on Syria

World Bulletin / News Desk

Foreign ministers of the European Union are to meet to discuss extending the arms embargo on Syria.

Ministers in Brussels will also discuss re-shaping embargo to arm the Syrian opposition forces.

British Foreign Secretary William Hague stated that they were in favor of amending the arms embargo to provide further support for Syrian National Council.

Over 20 EU member countries are against supporting the arming of the Syrian opposition as they fear it would deepen the crisis in Syria.

EU's arms embargo on Syria ends on March 1. Extending the arms embargo for three months seems the most favorable option to come out of the meeting.

Other alternatives include, restricting the arms embargo with the Assad regime, making an exception on arms used for civilian protection or completely removing the embargo.



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