Eurovision bans Crimean Tatar, Kosovo flags alongside ISIL

Controversy sparks as Eurovision officials equate Kosovo, Crimean Tatar, Basque and Palestine flags with that of ISIL

Eurovision bans Crimean Tatar, Kosovo flags alongside ISIL

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The European Broadcasting Union released Friday the official guidelines for the use of flags in the Eurovision 2016 audience. The list of banned flags has sparked not a bit of controversy, however.

Unlike in the previous years, the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group has now a list of specifically prohibited flags. The "specifically not allowed" flags are those of: Kosovo, Nagorno-Karabakh, Basques, ISIL, Crimea Tatars and Republic of Crimea, Palestine, People's Republic of Donestsk, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and Transnistria. 

The banning of flags of local, regional, provincial or disputed territories is causing huge controversy for some affected areas. 

Such controversy, for example, applies to the Crimean Tatar flag since a Crimean Tatar artist is going to be participating in Eurovision for the first time in history representing Ukraine. 

Inclusion of flags such as of Kosovo, Crimean Tatars, Basques and Palestine along with the flag of ISIL is seemingly equating those flags with that of a terrorist group, which has obviously left the affected unhappy.

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