France loosens rules for police opening fire in line of duty

The French Senate has passed a law that increases the circumstances in which police may legally open fire. Police are now allowed to open fire on fleeing suspects, detainees and vehicles if they pose a deadly threat.

France loosens rules for police opening fire in line of duty

World Bulletin / News Desk

The French parliament has approved a law on Thursday that liftes the powers of French police in line with those of its paramilitary gendarmerie.

French police may now shoot at fleeing suspects or detainees who pose a threat to authorities' lives after being given two warnings. In addition to this, police can also now open fire on vehicles that ignore orders to stop and that also pose a deadly threat. They are also permitted to shoot to stop rampage killings.

The Senate's vote comes amidst renewed tensions in the outskirts of Paris after a local black man was allegedly raped by policemen with a baton during a check in Aulnay-sous-Bois two weeks ago. This resulted in violent riots in Paris's northern suburbssince news of the incident broke, with dozens of arrests.

According to local media the victim, known only as Theo, was released from hospital on Thursday.


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