France refuses to pay reparations for slavery

France has once again refused to pay reparations for the slave trade during its colonialist period.

France refuses to pay reparations for slavery

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During a ceremony held in Paris to commemorate the abolition of slavery, President of France Francois Hollande stated in his speech that it would be impossible for France to accept the claims to reparations sent from associations for those of African descent.

Hollande indicated that the only option regarding the issue was to “recognize what happened in the past and transmit it to the future.”

In a recent statement, France's Representative Council of Black Associations (CRAN) announced it will on Monday be serving a writ on the bank CDC (Caisse des depots) over its role in the slave trade in general and events surrounding Haitian independence in particular.

After gaining independence, the former French colony of Haiti was forced to pay France a compensation.

In exchange for obtaining its independence in 1804, the former French colony of Haiti was forced to pay France a total compensation of $21 billion between 1825 and 1946.

CRAN has accused the CDC which processed Haiti’s payments of being “accomplices to a crime against humanity."

CRAN argued that the nearly 200 year old financial institution has "prospered through the slave trade."

A law approved by French parliament on May 11, 2001 accepted slavery and the slave trade as "a crime against humanity."

Since 2006, May 10 serves as "slavery period memorial day" in France. 

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truth BeTold - 6 yıl Before

If they were Israeli slaves there would be reparations, Germany style, for the next 14 generations.