French prosecutor demands pre-trial detention of Paris gunman

Attacker William M. referred for indictment, will be brought to investigating judge.

French prosecutor demands pre-trial detention of Paris gunman

The Paris prosecutor on Monday demanded the detention of a gunman, who was referred for indictment, after he gunned down at least three people in the French capital last week.

On Friday, a 69-year-old gunman – retired train driver William M., reportedly a gun enthusiast with a history of weapons offenses – opened fire in Enghien Street, killing at least three people and wounding three others, according to local media.

William M. will now be brought to an investigating judge, while Paris prosecutor Laure Beccuau requested a pre-trial detention for him.

Judicial investigation has been opened for "murder and attempted murder due to race, ethnicity, nation or religion" as well as "unauthorized acquisition and possession of weapons."

The gunman already recognized racist motivations, the prosecution in a statement said on Sunday.

He also admitted "hatred of foreigners that had become completely pathological," describing himself as "depressive and suicidal."