Garbage piles up on streets of Seville due to strike

Due to strike of Spanish trash collectors, garbage piled up on streets of Seville

Garbage piles up on streets of Seville due to strike

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Garbage piled up in the Andalusian city of Seville, south of Spain due to trash collectors' protest over pay cuts.

Because of the strike, more than 6,000 tonnes of trash has been left uncollected on the streets of Seville.
Rejecting the 3.8 percent cut in their wages, waste collectors of Seville had stepped on the tenth day of their strike.

Especially suburbs of Seville were badly affected from the strike as nearly 1300 waste collectors went protesting the increasing working hours and reduced wages.

Time to time, residents of Seville burn the trash as they are being disturbed by the uncollected bins.

Lipasam, Seville's municipal street cleaning company, asked its employees to come back to the negotiation table and end the strike.

Lipasam also rejected a plan on changing working hours.

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