German bus driver welcomes refugees to Bavaria

Despite the sharp rise of right wing parties across Europe, one bus driver welcomed refugees warmly, in contrast to their harsh treatment in other parts of Germany and across Europe.

German bus driver welcomes refugees to Bavaria

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With all the stories floating in the media today, another news piece shows how human decency can take on many forms.
In Bavaria, it took the form of a bus driver who gave arriving asylum seekers a reason to think they weren’t leaving their homes because they wanted to, but were also welcome in their new one, reducing passengers to tears, according to a report in RT.

The incident took place on Bus No. 286, as it passed through the city of Erlangen. Some 15 asylum seekers then heard an annoucment by Sven Latteyer, who said in English:

“Excuse me, ladies and gentlemen, from all over the world in this bus – I want to say something. I want to say welcome. Welcome to Germany, welcome to my country. Have a nice day.”

The city of Erlangen is home to a melting pot of more than 150 different nationalities. Consequently, refugees and immigrants are a common sight there. Not only that, but the city’s history is actually shaped by immigration, so one might say it’s “open by tradition,” as one eyewitness told a local newspaper.

Those who witnessed his kindness recounted how, people were wiping tears off their faces.

Sven Latteyer's brother-in-law fled the conflict in Kosovo to find a better life in Germany, whilst hiis grandfather, while living in Nazi Germany, was fervently opposed to the ideology – an incredibly brave thing to do at the time. His attitude comes as no surprise.

What some may find even more curious about the heart-warming gesture is the outward pride with which liberal Germans extend a helping hand: the country last year took in 40 percent of all immigrants arriving to Europe.

According to The Independent, the UK,  only took in 4 percent.


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