German double agent might have shared US intelligence with Russians: Report

Arrested BND employee was senior intelligence officer, had access to sensitive data obtained by US, allies, according to Focus Online.

German double agent might have shared US intelligence with Russians: Report

A German double agent detained this week might have shared sensitive US intelligence with the Russians, German media reported on Friday.

Carsten L., a senior intelligence officer for the Federal Intelligence Service (BND), was arrested on Wednesday on suspicion of spying for Russia.

The officer had access to intelligence data shared by the US National Security Agency (NSA), the UK's intelligence, security and cyber agency GCHQ, and other partner agencies, Focus Online reported.

The BND officer was a specialist analyzing data obtained through worldwide surveillance of communications, and due to his role, he also accessed intelligence information shared by the allies, the report said.

The investigators were concerned that the BND intelligence officer might have also shared these sensitive information with the Russians, according to the report.

In a statement on Thursday, Germany’s Federal Prosecutor's Office said Carsten L. passed “state secrets” that he obtained during his professional activity to a Russian intelligence service.

He was brought before an investigating judge at the Federal Court of Justice on Thursday, who ordered the pre-trial detention of the suspect over accusations of “state treason.”

Germany’s relations with Russia have been strained over the war in Ukraine, as Berlin accused Moscow of “imperialism” and “war crimes,” halted cooperation with Russian state authorities and adopted tough economic sanctions.

German authorities have carried out several investigations in recent months against alleged Russian spies and informants, and expelled dozens of Russian diplomats, accusing them of conducting covert activities to destabilize the democratic system.