German extremist attack on Turkish business owner

A Turkish business owner was stabbed in the arm by three right wing extremists after he told them his business was closed for the evening.

German extremist attack on Turkish business owner

World Bulletin / News Desk

A Turkish man, in the German south west city of Pforzheim was attacked by members of the far right on New Years Eve. Ibrahim Kural, a Turkish kebab shop owner, was attacked and knifed in the arm and is currently in hospital seeking medical attention.

Turkish Consul General Serhan Aksen requested information from enforcement authorities regarding the incident and said that he will visit the family as well as the injured man today. In their report, police said the attackers were two brothers and that they were armed with knives as well as gas guns. Police said that they were released and that an investigation into the charges had begun. A third person of interest was unable to be found.

Currently being treated in hospital and saying that his health condition was improving, Kural told Anadolu Agency that one of the attackers was a woman and they had forced entry into the shop after being told that they were not allowed to enter. They had also damaged the shop and after stabbing him in the arm and had escaped afterwards. He stated that they were shocked at the raciast attack and expressed hope that such cases would come to an attack soon.

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