Germany investigating ‘Havana syndrome’ among US diplomats in Berlin

Police open investigation into suspected microwave attacks on American diplomats after receiving information from Washington.

Germany investigating ‘Havana syndrome’ among US diplomats in Berlin

German authorities are investigating cases of "Havana syndrome" among US diplomats in Berlin, local media reported on Friday.

Berlin’s police office for criminal investigation (LKA) opened an investigation into the suspected microwave attacks on several American diplomats in August after receiving information from the US authorities, according to weekly Der Spiegel.

At least two US officials stationed in Germany reported symptoms similar to those of Havana syndrome, such as headaches and loss of balance, as well as difficulties in sleeping, concentration, and memory.

The "Havana syndrome" dates back to 2016, when it was first noticed among dozens of US diplomats in the Cuban capital Havana. Since then, over 200 cases were reported among US officials and their family members worldwide.