Germany says NATO not a party to war in Ukraine

Chancellor Olaf Scholz promises support for Ukraine, but rules out NATO peacekeeping mission or creating no-fly zone.

Germany says NATO not a party to war in Ukraine

Germany on Wednesday promised continued support for Ukraine in their war with Russia, but ruled out NATO’s direct involvement in the conflict.

Addressing lawmakers during a budget debate, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz warned that suggestions for a NATO peacekeeping mission or a no-fly zone in Ukraine could trigger a wider conflict.

“NATO will not become a party to the war. We are in agreement with our European allies and the US on this. This is a matter of reason, and everything else would be irresponsible,” he stressed.

The German chancellor said Western sanctions against Russia have started to show their impact, and they may soon adopt even stricter measures if Russian President Vladimir Putin would not cease hostilities.

“Putin needs to understand the truth about the war in Ukraine,” he said. “The truth is that the war destroys Ukraine. But with this war, Putin is also destroying the future of Russia."

Scholz renewed his call for the Russian leader to immediately cease all combat operations in Ukraine and withdraw the Russian troops from the country.