Germany, the ruling coalition again in risk

The coalition in Germany is still at risk. Before three days the CDU, the CSU and the Social Democratic Party agreed that Hans Georg Maaßen, the president of the Constitutional Defense, a German secret service observing the preservation of the founding document, would be removed from office.

Germany, the ruling coalition again in risk

The reason was his statements on right-wing extremist riots, no hunting on foreigners, and questioning the truth of a video where extremists attack foreigners.

The SPD was the party that demanded the removal of Maaßen from the post. But German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer explains DW, who initially defended his subordinate, after consulting the coalition, took him to the ministry.

The new post is practically higher than the old and Maaßen here will be paid more. This has sparked the anger of the Social Democrats, among which voices have been raised that question co-governance.

Party chairman Andrea Nahles announced that discussions within the political force led by her are continuing, and she is optimistic that a common line will be found. But there is a flaw, and Nahles was forced to admit that Maaßen has put the ruling coalition in Germany under great difficulty.

These voices complain not only about the move but also about Seehofer himself, about whom he says he is losing any kind of mass and is leading the country into a state crisis.

Güncelleme Tarihi: 21 Eylül 2018, 15:31