Greece ignores ECHR resolutions on ethnic Turks

Greece does not live up to the European Court of Human Rights resolutions concerning the Western Thrace Turkish minority, said the attorney of Turkish minority associations.

Greece ignores ECHR resolutions on ethnic Turks

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Greece has not applied the decision of European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) concerning reopening of the Iskece (Xanthi) Turkish Union, which was shut down by Greek judicial authorities in 1986 due to the word "Turk" in its name, and to abolish the ban on Rodop Turkish Women Culture Association, reported the Turkish minorities' attorney.

Speaking to Anadolu Agency, the attorney of the Turkish associations in Greece and former deputy from Komotini, Ilhan Ahmet, said that the ECHR decided five years ago that Greece violated the 11th article of the Human Rights Declaration, which refers to the freedom of founding associations and urged the Greek authorities to recognize the Iskece Turkish Union and Rodop Turkish Women Culture Association officially, but Greece failed to live up to the respective decision.

Ahmet said that Greek authorities claim that the ECHR decision is not binding for it doesn't have any place in Greek law. However, as a member of EU Greece has to obey and apply the rules and decrees by ECHR.

“Indeed, the European Council Ministeral Board has an inspection committee which checks whether the member states apply the decisions of ECHR or not but unfortunately this committee does not work on the issue for now," said Ahmet.

Ahmet also said that the Greek government has already confiscated the properties of associations.

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A Greek
A Greek - 6 yıl Before

Half truths. ECHR is constantly ignored by Europeans states when it conflicts with national security. Also missing from this article is Greece is just following the mutually agreed upon terms of Treaty of Lausanne. If Turks no longer agrees with these terms, they should withdraw from the treaty and exit Greece. (and Turkey stop hypocritically pointing fingers while it refuses to recognize Kurds)