Greek protesters demand increase in pensions

Thousands gather in Athens to demand more rights, including increase in pensions.

Greek protesters demand increase in pensions

Thousands of pensioners marched in downtown Athens Wednesday demanding among other things an increase in pension.

Greece’s elderly, especially the low-income group, have been greatly affected by the energy crisis that has hit Europe.

“They are killing us slowly with these increases, we cannot pay our bills, buy our essential goods,” Petros Kouvouklis, 78, told Anadolu Agency.

The protesters marched to parliament carrying banners calling for an increase in salaries and pensions, and lower prices for essential goods.

One retired self-employed pensioner said that electricity and petrol prices are so high that he is not planning to use it this winter

“How can I use heating if I will have to give away my entire pension,” Giorgos Papadogiannakis, 76, told Anadolu Agency who claimed that he gets €780.

They demanded the 11-month retroactive paychecks, which are illegally withheld without any prerequisites.

They also urged the government to immediately hire doctors and nurses, and reopen those health facilities that have been closed.

The pensioners demanded public nursing home facilities in the country.

The protesters gathered in Syntagma square and marched toward the prime minister’s office, Maximos Mansion.

Like many European countries, Greece has been greatly affected by the energy crisis in recent months.

The Russia-Ukraine war has created chaos not only in geopolitical terms but in the everyday lives of residents across Europe.

Greeks are among those greatly affected, facing challenges on various fronts, including the rising cost of electricity, fuel, and essential commodities.

The government has offered help with electricity bills and fuel vouchers.