How Muslims saved Jews from the Holocaust

Thousands of people around the world are mourning the terror attack in the south of France, and it is in these times we need to find solace in the stories of brotherhood and unity. This story is one of them.

How Muslims saved Jews from the Holocaust

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The largest mosque in France and the third largest in Europe, Grande Mosquee De Paris, in the heart of Paris, is a stone's throw from the Notre Dame.

During the Nazi occupation of France during Second World War, the imam of the Grand Mosque in Paris, Si Kaddour Benghabrit saved hundreds of Jewish men, women and children from the hands of the Nazi regime.  Built in 1926 as a token of gratitude to the north African Muslims who participated in the war against Germany during the First World War, the mosque now plays an important social role for many Muslims in Europe.

At this point in time, it is important to remember how unity, compassion and empathy are vital in bringing forward the most virtuous aspects of our human nature.

Watch the video that shows the story of the imam here.



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