Independent Scotland 'would attract Turkish investors'

Turkish-born SNP district chairman Sitki Nalci said a vote to leave the United Kingdom would attract Turkish investors to Scotland.

Independent Scotland 'would attract Turkish investors'

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Scotland would attract Turkish investors in the country if it becomes an independent state, Sitki Nalci - the only politician of Turkish origin who actively works for the Scottish National Party - has said.

Nalci's comments to Anadolu Agency from the Edinburgh City Media Centre on Wednesday came a day before Scotland votes on whether to become independent or stay within the union of the United Kingdom.

Nalci - the Dumfriesshire District Party Chairman for the SNP and a campaigner for an Independent Scotland - said: "Scotland has reached an advanced level in the oil industry and has both oil resources and advanced technology to refine it.

"This creates a very good opportunity to enhance cooperation between the two countries."

“It will be possible to increase cooperation if Scotland becomes independent - that would be a big opportunity," he added.

Nalci has been living in Scotland’s southwest region of Dumfriesshire for 30 years and supports the country becoming independent.

Union threatened

He said he believed that Turks living in Scotland, who comprise only three percent of the population, will probably say “yes” in the referendum.

The September 18 independence referendum threatens a union which has lasted for 307 years.

If the "yes" vote is successful, Scotland is not expected to entirely leave the UK until 2016, with the Scottish government proposing March 26, 2016, as its possible Independence Day.

Nalci was born in Aksehir, Turkey, and studied in the UK.

He is Minority Communities Officer for Citizens Advice Services and the Chief Executive Officer of a multicultural association which represents more than 5,000 people, as well as being a founder member and Chief Executive Officer of the Turkish-Scottish Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

He is also secretary and founder member of the Cross-Party Group on Turkey in the Scottish Parliament.

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