Inter-faith weeks kicks off in the UK

People of all faiths are participating in the UK's biggest inter-faith program for the fifth year running.

Inter-faith weeks kicks off in the UK

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The UK has begun celebrating the 5th annual Interfaith Week 2013, which started on Sunday, November 17, in the hope of promoting peace and understanding between faiths.

The government-led campaign was started in July 2008 after the Department for Communities and Local Government published Face to Face and Side by Side – a Framework for Partnership in our Multi Faith Society, a document detailing the strategy to promote inter-faith dialogue.

As well as bringing the major religions together, they also aim to promote dialogue between religious and non-religious people.

In addition to open days, people of different religions will be involved in activities such as collecting food for the poor.

Leading British Muslim politician Baronness Sayeeda Warsi was quoted on the event’s website saying “across the last five years, interfaith week has shown the wide variety of joint action between those of different faiths and beliefs across our communities as people give their time and energy to make their communities a better place.”

"So many excellent events have taken place over these years, in places from hospitals to universities and involving hundreds of places of worship, as those who are united and motivated by their faith come together across the country for a good cause. I hope that this year even more people of all ages and faith will enjoy working and learning alongside each other during Inter Faith Week," she added.

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