Lampedusa migrants raped and abused

The people traffickers who brought African migrants across the Sahara desert to Libya raped and abused migrants before sending them to their death, reports reveal.

Lampedusa migrants raped and abused

World Bulletin / News Desk

More than 360 people died when a boat carrying migrants from Libya to Europe sunk off the Italian island of Lampedusa.

According to a BBC report, the migrants were held in camps and forced to to pay the gang of traffickers $3000 each, only to be raped and abused on their journey before being sent to their watery graves.

Members of the gang have been arrested in Lampedusa and Sicily. 155 survivors of the tragedy recognized a gang member held in Lampedusa and attacked him in revenge for their treatment.

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Hailemariam - 6 yıl Before

It is all a lie. My cousin was there with them and I talked to him about this this afternoon and he said, " there is no other reason but to tell the europeans that we were raped and tortured." He said, " it is a sin but we do not have a choice." As an Eritrean, I am ashamed of such lies. They wanted to cross the sea and paid for it. They should attack their dictator not traffickers. HaQi nifto!