Luxembourg opposition form coalition after PM resigns

Luxembourg's three-party coalition is expected to take office soon, following PM Juncker's formal resignation.

Luxembourg opposition form coalition after PM resigns

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Luxembourg's three parties reached a deal Monday to form a coalition, bringing an end to Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker's almost 20 years in power.

The agreement came after elections in October that saw Juncker's Christian Social People's party finish first. However, Xavier Bettel's Democratic Party, the Socialists and the Greens collectively picked up 32 of the parliament's 60 seats, giving them a parliamentary majority.

The three parties are expected to approve the coalition agreement reached after two-months of negotiations later on Tuesday.

Luxembourg City's mayor and Democratic Party's leader Xavier Bettel will become the country's new prime minister according to the coalition agreement.

Luxembourg's Grand Duke Henri would then invite the three-party coalition to take office, following PM Juncker's formal resignation expected to happen on Wednesday.

Jean-Claude Juncker, who served not only as PM but also Eurozone chief between 2005-2013, is anticipated to take a high position in European Union (EU).

In July 2013, Juncker's coalition government was brought down by a scandal involving the country's intelligence agency. Juncker is accused of failing to stop illegal security agency activity such as phone-taps and corruption. As a result, a snap election was held in October in which Juncker sought a fifth term. While his party won a plurality of seats, the opposition formed a majority coalition, and Juncker will leave office on Wednesday.

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