Macron says France now facing 'end of abundance'

President warns French public to be ready for 'sacrifices' amid instability due to Ukraine war, climate change.

Macron says France now facing 'end of abundance'

In a bracing message, President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday warned the French people to be ready for “sacrifices” as the country is facing "the end of abundance" amid a series of crises.

“What we are going through is a big shift, a big upheaval," Macron said at a Cabinet meeting at the Elysee Palace after a three-week holiday break. He cited a “series of serious crises” from the instability triggered by the Ukraine war to the disturbing effects of climate change, including the unprecedented drought that has gripped the entire country.

He said France now faces an “end of abundance” visible since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020 in terms of public finance, shortages of certain materials, and a breakdown in the supply chain. He warned the French that they would have to face the consequences.

“Our freedom has a cost, and sometimes when it has to be defended, it can mean sacrifices," he said.

Macron also urged the members of his government to act with seriousness and credibility as they address the crisis and “not to give in to demagoguery," apparently referring to how society often lays blame on outsiders and minorities amid hard times.