Meeting highlights Franco-German split over arming Syrian rebels

French and German top diplomats met Friday to discuss British-led move to amend Syria arms embargo to send weapons to rebels.

Meeting highlights Franco-German split over arming Syrian rebels

A meeting Friday between top diplomats of France and Germany failed to bridge differences between the two countries over a British call to supply weapons to rebel forces with the aim of coaxing the Assad regime into peace talks with opposition.

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius met with his German counterpart Guido Westerwelle in the French capital, discussing the British proposal which needs amending an arms embargo the EU imposes on Syria.

Fabius expressed hope that the EU would come to an agreement in a ministerial meeting this coming Monday in Brussels to help the Syrian opposition defend itself against the Assad regime.

Westerwelle said Germany respected France's stance on arming the rebels, adding, "efforts to find a mutual solution in the Union should continue."

"What matters here is to come to an agreement in the Union. The worst message to Syria would be to give an impression that the EU has differences of opinion, which would make Syria most happy," Westerwelle said.

Britain's move has the backing of France, Italy and Spain. Germany is neutral while Austria, Finland, Sweden and the Czech Republic have expressed opposition.


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