Merkel seeks to placate German rebels on migration

Merkel's government has been pushed to the brink over the migration issue after allowing more than one million asylum-seekers into Germany since 2015.

Merkel seeks to placate German rebels on migration

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German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her CDU party will discuss plans to reduce immigration Sunday as conservative rebels also meet, in key talks likely to determine the fate of her government.

The policy has provoked a backlash from Merkel's conservative CSU coalition partner with her Interior Minister Horst Seehofer, also the CSU chief, even threatening to unilaterally turn back migrants at the border.

On Friday, the European Union's 28 members hammered out a hard-fought deal to tackle migration and avert a crisis that has threatened the very fabric of the bloc.

Afterwards, Merkel announced that she had also reached separate agreements with Spain and Greece on taking back asylum-seekers.

According to a document sent to the CSU and fellow coalition partner the Social Democratic Party, Merkel has also secured similar deals with a total of 14 countries including France and central European states that were fiercely critical of her migrant policies, such as the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Two of the countries mentioned however denied Saturday that any such deal had been reached.



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