Mohammed Britain's most popular boy's name

Popular names in Turkey, such as Omar, Ali and Ibrahim, are on the rise amongst boys' names in Britain

Mohammed Britain's most popular boy's name

World Bulletin/News Desk

Mohammed has been listed as Britain's most popular boy's name of 2014.

According to data received from the website BabyCentre, Arabic names such as Omar, Ali and Ibrahim are on the rise as they have reached the list of top 100 baby names for the first time.

Mohammed was the most popular name for baby boys, when the 12 recognized variants of the Islamic Prophet's name were tallied up.

BabyCentre data also showed that names of characters from popular TV series such as Game of Thrones and Orange Is the New Black have inspired parents in naming the next generation of Brits.

Parents registered names such as Emilia, Daenerys, Tyrion and Piper.

Sophia was ranked as the top name for baby girls in Britain with Nur being a new entry to the list, claiming 29th place straight away. Maryam also rose from 59th to 35th place this year compared to 2013.

Sarah Redshaw of the BabyCentre said that the increase of Arabic names in "the top 100 (list) shows the ever-increasing diversity of the UK today."


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