Muslims say no to cartoon provocation

The Turkish and Muslim communities in the Netherlands have called Wilders' demand for anti-Islam exhibit a 'provocation.'

Muslims say no to cartoon provocation

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Representatives of Muslim communities in the Netherlands told Anadolu Agency that Geert Wilders' request for a cartoon exhibition depicting Prophet Muhammad is a 'provocation'.

The Dutch far-right politician, who is known for his anti-Islam pronouncements, sent a letter to the Dutch parliament last week requesting that an exhibition of cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad be shown in the Dutch parliament..

Ejder Kose, a lawyer and deputy chairman of the Center for Public Debate told Anadolu Agency that he hoped the parliament will refuse the request for both legal and political  reasons. "Geert Wilders initiative is certainly a provocation," he said.

The Center for Public Debate is a non-profit organization committed to promoting objective debate on the Dutch Turkish diaspora. 

Kose also pointed out that Wilders' initiative could be considered a hate crime and that it "will be important to define the limits of freedom of expression."

Rasit Bal, Chairman of the Contact Body Muslims and Government said the parliament will not allow such a provocation. He also said his group, as representatives of the Muslim community, should meet with the government on a regular basis to review issues affecting the Muslim community.

"We have no doubt that the Assembly and the government will take a prudent approach. We rely on them in this regard... the adoption of this exhibition insulting our faith is not possible".

Two suspects were shot dead on May 3 in the U.S. state of Texas after they opened fire outside a conference at which the cartoons depicting Prophet Muhammad were exhibited. Both gunmen were shot dead by police outside the Curtis Culwell Center, where the exhibitiion was held.

The Dutch far-right, anti-Islam politician also gave a keynote speech at the exhibition on that day. It is this exhibit that Wilders proposes to bring to the Dutch parliament.

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