NATO condemns cyberattack on Albania

Allies pledge support to counter 'malicious cyber activities'.

NATO condemns cyberattack on Albania

NATO on Thursday condemned the cyberattack on Albania, and pledged support for the country to strengthen its cyber defense capabilities.

“I strongly condemn the recent cyber attack on Albania, which Tirana and other Allies attribute to Iran,” NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg announced on Twitter.

In a separate statement, the decision-making body of NATO ambassadors, the North Atlantic Council, also expressed solidarity with Albania following the recent attacks on its national information infrastructure.

“Allies acknowledge the statements by Albania and other Allies attributing the responsibility for the cyber attack to the Government of Iran,” they wrote.

“We strongly condemn such malicious cyber activities designed to destabilize and harm the security of an Ally, and disrupt the daily lives of citizens,” the statement added.

The military organization also offered support in strengthening the country’s cyber defense capabilities, and vowed to defend all NATO allies against malicious cyber activities and “counter the full spectrum of cyber threats, including by considering possible collective responses.”

NATO also called on all countries to uphold a “norms-based approached” to cyberspace.

On Wednesday, Albania decided to end all diplomatic relations with Iran and ask their diplomats to leave the country within 24 hours.

Supported by the US government, Albania blames Iran of being responsible for the cyberattack that destroyed government data and blocked public services in July.