Neo-Nazis may have planned attack against Schroder

A shadowy neo-Nazi group that killed 8 Turkish immigrants in Germany had likely discussed planning an attack against former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder, evidence presented to Munich court has recently revealed.

Neo-Nazis may have planned attack against Schroder

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High-profile German neo-Nazi trial has revealed that the shadowy NSU terror cell had likely discussed planning an attack in 2002 against former Chancellor Gerhard Schroder.

German investigators presented to the court on Tuesday several photo collages that were found in an apartment in Zwickau, where members of the neo-Nazi cell had lived under false identities.

"You're the next!," was typed on one of the photo collages of the former chancellor which was believed to be prepared by the members of National Socialist Underground (NSU) probably in 2002. The collage photo was showing Schroder behind the bars and with a Jewish badge on his cloth.

The photos were found in a hard disk that was saved from the wreckage of the apartment used by the NSU.

The apartment was set on fire by Beate Zschaepe on 4 November 2011 only hours after the death of the two other members of the NSU cell who reportedly died in a murder-suicide. They had attracted police attention by robbing a bank.

Zschaepe is currently the main suspect under arrest. But she has refused to give a testimony so far and her lawyers say she will remain silent during the trial.

The neo-Nazi cell killed eight Turks, one Greek immigrant and a German policewoman between the years 2000 and 2007. But their responsibility behind the murders could only be revealed in November 2011, after various propaganda materials, guns and weapons were found in the wreckage of the apartment in Zwickau.

The group is also believed to be responsible for various murder attempts, bombings and bank robberies

While the recently presented evidence raised speculations of a possible attack plan by the NSU against Schroder, it could not be proven for sure.

German daily Bild reported that the photo collages of the former chancellor were not used in the future propaganda videos of the NSU, a possible indication that they had soon given up these plans.

Another likely scenario had been that the NSU members wanted to use these photo collages in poster or T-shirt printing to raise money.

The high-profile NSU trial will continue Thursday with the 45th hearing. The court is set to hear new witnesses on Zwickau.

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