Netanyahu to begin controversial visit to US Sunday

Netanyahu's controversial visit will test the relationship of both countries.

Netanyahu to begin controversial visit to US Sunday
 Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is expected to begin a controversial visit to the U.S. on Sunday to express his rejection of a potential deal between world powers and Iran on the latter's nuclear program.

Leaders of the centrist Zionist Union – a coalition of Israel's Labor and Hatnuah parties, which compete against Netanyahu's Likud in the upcoming elections –  reiterated their rejection of the PM's planned visit.

They said this visit would harm Israel's relations with the United States.

During a speech in Israel's central city of Modi'in, former Justice Minister and Hatnuah leader Tzipi Livni underlined what she described as the "significant" role played by the U.S. in dealing with Tehran's nuclear program.

"We must ensure the support of the Americans and maintain good bonds with them," Livni said, adding that these good relations would open the door for the exchange of intelligence between Israel and the U.S.

"Netanyahu prefers to meddle in domestic American politics and sow sedition and disagreement," she told Israel Public Radio.

Isaac Herzog of the Labor party, meanwhile, said Netanyahu's duties were not limited to giving speeches and receiving applause.

He said the Prime Minister ought to open the door for cooperation and confidence with Israel's partners across the world.

Netanyahu said earlier on his Facebook page that he would visit the U.S. to explain to Congress – which could influence the fate of any agreement with Iran – why this agreement was dangerous for Israel, the Middle East region and the whole world.

Israel's Public Radio said Netanyahu's expected speech before Congress had become the subject of major disagreements between Israel and the U.S., noting that the Prime Minister did not coordinate with the White House before the visit.


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