Norway says Russian aircrafts violating air space

In recent weeks, a large number of Russian planes have violated Norwegian airspace

Norway says Russian aircrafts violating air space

World Bulletin/News Desk

Two Norwegian F-16 fighter jets identified Russian aircraft flying over the Norwegian and North seas, both close to Norwegian air territory, for the second time within three days, the Norwegian Ministry of Defense has announced.

Russia is keeping active warplanes on the border with Norway as part of its ongoing friction with Western countries over developments in eastern Ukraine.

A statement from the Norwegian Defense Ministry confirmed that the Russian aircrafts had violated Norwegian air space on Wednesday and had done the same today.

Four bomber aircrafts and four tank planes were observed by Norwegian security forces, defense ministry spokesman Jorgen Petersen said.

In recent weeks, a large number of Russian planes have violated Norwegian airspace, he added.  

The Russian military aircrafts entered international airspace in northern Norway before moving into Western Europe.

NATO released a statement on Wednesday stating that the "flights represent an unusual level of air activity over European airspace."


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