Old Koran may have belonged to Prophet friend Abu Bakr

An ancient Koran found at the University of Birmingham - which has disappeared for over 100 years - in considered to have belonged to Abu Bakr one of the first people outside of the Prophet's family to accept Islam.

Old Koran may have belonged to Prophet friend Abu Bakr

World Bulletin / News Desk

An ancient copy of the Koran  that has now been found at the University of Birmingham may have belonged to Abu Bakr, one of the world’s first ever Muslims.

Radiocarbon dating carried out in July found the fragments to be at least 1,370-years-old, raising the possibility it could be the oldest copy of the Islamic holy book in existence.

Now Jamal bin Huwareib, managing director of the UAE’s Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation for Islamic studies, has suggested that such an early document could only have been commissioned by a very small number of people – the most likely of them being Abu Bakr.

Abu Bakr is widely accepted as the first person to convert to Islam outside the Prophet Mohammed’s direct family. He served as a friend and trusted advisor to the prophet and became the first ever Muslim caliph in 632, ruling for 27 months until his death in 634AD.

The age of the Birmingham Koran means it is likely to have been created in Islam’s very earliest years, when the world’s global Muslim population was only in the low hundreds. 

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