One of three political prisoners in Russia is Muslim

It has been reported that of the 46 political prisoners held in Russian prisons, 15 of them are from the Caucasus region.

One of three political prisoners in Russia is Muslim

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The latest report of the law and rights organisation, Memorial, provided information regarding the political prisoners in Russia and highlighted the fact that an important part of them were Muslim.

According to their 2013 figures, there were 71 political prisoners. This year, it has been reduced by 35, bringing the total number of captives to 46. The 35 were given a general pardon, and amongst them were Hodorkovski and Lebedev, local Russian businessmen.

The fifteen men are of North Caucasian origin and are being charged with being members of an illegal terrorist organisation. Last year there were only four Caucasian political prisoners and were put on trial for terrorist activities.

Amongst the Muslim faction, the number of those who were connected to Hizbu't Tahrir drew attention. The organisation, which is banned in Russia, has 9 members in prison and are on trial for conspiring a coup.

Experts reacted against the continuing operations of constant surveillance of the congregations of the mosques in the Northern Caucaus region. During the last Dagestan operation, baseless accusations were made to many of the Muslims in the region.

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