Pope canonizes 800 who fought against Ottoman

The first Latin American Pope has named 800 new saints who fought against the Ottoman Empire.

Pope canonizes 800 who fought against Ottoman

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Pope Francis on Sunday has named 800 new saints, Christians who fought against the Ottoman Empire in 1480 in Italy's southern town of Otranto.

Pope Francis carried out the wish of Pope Benedict XVI, his predecessor, to canonize the 800 Italians from Otranto.

Ottoman army under the rule of Admiral Gedik Ahmet Pasha had set sail to Italy on July 1480 upon Ottoman Sultan Fatih the Conqueror's order to take Otranto.

The Ottoman army held the Otranto castle for 13 months. However, they had to withdraw as the army had not been reinforced and due to the Ottoman sultan's demise.

The 800 Italians are claimed to have been beheaded for refusing to convert to Islam.



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Steven - 6 yıl Before

How about the Catholic Church asking forgiveness for the thousands of Waldensians they murdered in Italy for not converting to Catholicism? For over 200 years they were persecuted. Google "1655 massacre" and you will get an idea of what these poor people endured.