Pope Francis: 'Unfair' to equate Islam with violence

The leader of Catholic world declares on Vatican radio that it was not right to identify Islam with violence

Pope Francis: 'Unfair' to equate Islam with violence

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Pope Francis on Monday said it was "unfair" to equate the Muslim religion with violence.

"I don’t think it is fair to equate Islam with violence," Francis said in a statement broadcast by Vatican Radio.

Such assertions, he said, were "unjust and untrue", adding that Daesh, the notorious terrorist group, "represents only itself" and not the religion of Islam. 

The pope made the statement during a press conference held aboard a plane taking him back to Rome following a four-day visit to Poland.

"While browsing through the daily newspapers in Italy, I see many acts of violence reported," he said.

"There is news about someone killing his fiancee or his mother-in-law, or committing other crimes," Francis added, noting that the perpetrators of these crimes were often "baptized Catholics". 

"We find violent people of every faith; in every religion there are extremist groups," he went on. "When extremism reaches the point of murder, one can even murder with a word; not only with weapons." 

"I met with the Grand Imam of [Egypt’s] Al-Azhar," Francis said, referring to the highest seat of learning in the Sunni-Muslim world.

"I know how they [Muslims] think," he added. "They, too, seek peace and dialogue." 


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