Prison fight in Greece leaves 2 dead

Two Pakistani inmates were killed and 21 others injured at Korydallos Prison, southwest of capital Athens.

Prison fight in Greece leaves 2 dead

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Two Pakistani nationals have been killed and 21 other convicts were injured Sunday in a prison fight at the Korydallos Prison southwest of capital Athens, Greek Justice Minister Nikos Paraskevopulos said.

At least two others are in critical condition, he said.

The fight, which broke out during dinner in an area reserved for foreign nationals, lasted for half an hour and guards’ attempts to intervene proved insuffiecient with the injured later carried to hospitals in Athens.

Numerous police officers and ambulances were called to the scene and guards had their leaves canceled as the prison went into a state of high alert.

An investigation is currently underway to determine how sharp objects used in the fight were introduced in the prison, the minister said.

The justice minister said late Sunday that such incidents were the result of a general overcrowding in Greek prisons.

Head of the Greek Guards Union, Spiros Karakicos, told press members Sunday there was "no security or control at prisons."

"There is nothing that protects human life and dignity in Greek prisons. The violence that takes place is of horrendous proportions," Karakicos said.

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