Queen Margarethe: Migrants must change to fit in

The core message to migrants was that they must leave their old ways of life behind and adopt Danish attitudes upon arrival.

Queen Margarethe: Migrants must change to fit in

World Bulletin / News Desk

Speaking about the state of affairs in Denmark in the aftermath of the February attacks in Copenhagen, Queen Margrethe said that Danes have kept their heads cool in the face of terror. 

When we saw what happened in Paris, I thought that we could well be next”. Saying that in Denmark, “cool heads keep warm hearts”, the Queen said of the nation’s reaction to terrorist attacks: “They must first of all know that we are not afraid. They want to scare us, but we must not be intimidated. It is essential”.

 In an interview with Berlingske, Margrethe II of Denmark said because the country was so small, Danes had a closer kinship and felt more at ease with their fellow countrymen, more so than Germans or Dutch. Like the weather, immigrants and refugees also need to accept Danish attitudes for what they are, the queen said. 

“It is obvious that when a society accepts a lot of people from the outside, one must also set the requirement that they understand where they have come. We will make space [for migrants], but they have come to our society and they can therefore not expect that their old societal models can just be carried on in our country"




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