Racist English Defense League supports Taksim Gezi Park protests

The leader of the English Defense League, a racist organization which has organized recent attacks on mosques, has expressed his support for the Taksim Gezi Park protests for “resisting against Islam.”

Racist English Defense League supports Taksim Gezi Park protests

World Bulletin/News Desk

Leader of the racist English Defense League Tommy Robinson has expressed support on his Twitter for the Taksim Gezi Park protests, saying that the “Turkish people are resisting Islam.”

The English Defense League has recently come onto the agenda after it was discovered that the organization was behind the recent attacks on to mosques in the UK.

A 43 year old member was arrested after entering an Essex mosque with a knife. Another person was arrested under suspicions of having organized at attack on a mosque in Gillingham.

The EDL, formed in 2009, has held numerous violent demonstrations against Muslims living in England.

The group gained wider notoriety earlier this year after anti-Islam zealot Anders Behring Breivik, who has admitted killing 77 people in Norway in July, made repeated references to the EDL in a manifesto he posted on the Internet.

EDL ledaer Stephen Lennon, who also goes by the name of notorious soccer hooligan Tommy Robinson, was arrested in 2011 for assualt. 

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