Released UK activist Begg in battle against banks

The bank accounts of British human rights activist Moazzam Begg's organization Cage were shut down last year.

Released UK activist Begg in battle against banks

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Despite being released from prison earlier this month after charges were dropped against him, the despair has not ended from British human rights activist Moazzam Begg.

The former Guantánamo Bay detainee is now lauching a complaint after the bank accounts of his human rights organization Cage were shut down by Barclays and Co-op, which almost caused the organization to close.

Last year the charity commission closed Cage's bank accounts after launching inquiries into its backers, the Anita Roddick Foundation and the Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust despite removing Begg as a signatory to avoid inconvenience.

In a complaint to the Treasury, the organization said the closures have left it only able to pay its employees and its landlord with “great difficulty … and has not been able to carry out many of its day-to-day activities [and] faced and considered the prospect of closing down.”

Begg, wo was released without charge from Guantánamo in 2005, was arrested again earlier this year in connection to terrorist organizations in Syria, was was released again without charge when the case collapsed due to a lack of evidence.

The human rights activists insists he has been the target of politically motivated accusations as he had been in Syria as part of research into cases of illegal rendition and torture involving Britain's security services, including the MI5’s alleged role in the rendition of a Libyan man from Syria to one of Muammar Gaddafi’s prisons.

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