Renewed heatwave expected across UK

Temperatures to rise above 30 C, Met Office says amid warnings of drought.

Renewed heatwave expected across UK

The UK will experience a new heatwave in the coming week with temperatures predicted to rise above 30 C (89 F).

Parts of England and Wales in the south and west will experience hotter weather than the north and Scotland, according to forecasts by the Met Office.

"We are not really tapping into the heat across Spain and Portugal this time," said Alex Deakin, a meteorologist of the Met Office, adding that temperatures in the south of the country could be "into the low-30s and in eastern Scotland the mid-20s," by Wednesday.

Noting that there was "some uncertainty" about the end of the week, Deakin said a cold front could move south, introducing cooler air.

"But, some computer models keep that weather front up to the north," he said, adding that this would allow temperatures to "rise further towards the back end of next week."

The warning from the Met Office was made days after a partial hosepipe ban was introduced by water companies in southern England over fears of drought from the impending heatwave.

The Met Office has urged water companies across the country to enforce further water bans to prevent the loss of essential reserves.

Under the Temporary Use Ban, hosepipes will be prohibited from watering gardens, cleaning cars, filling pools or ponds and clearing out patios.

The month of July broke the record for being the hottest month in the UK, with temperatures rising above 40C, the hottest since records began in 1836.

During this month, the UK was hotter than 98% of all other countries in the world.