Russia, China shun US dollar in Gazprom deal

Russia and China have sealed Gazprom deal confirming that the trade will be either made in Russian Ruble or the Chinese Yuan

Russia, China shun US dollar in Gazprom deal

World Bulletin / News Desk

Director General of Russia's Gazprom Yelene Burmistorova has said that the Russian Chinese $400 million natural gas agreement will be trade in Russian Ruble and the Chinese Yuan.

According to reports in Russia's Sputnik and Chinese CNPC, Burmistova stated that in regard to ongoing discussions on the currency, "the purchase-sale contract has not yet been signed and for that reason the payment currency has not yet been determined. However, negotiations are ongoing intensively," he said.

China according to the agreement with Russia, China will be able to take consignments from the West as well as from the Eastern bloc and build two gas pipelines for this.The line which will be more than 2,700 kilometres when finished will take Russian gas from Western Siberia to Eastern Turkistan .The 30 billion cubic meters of gas per year shipment will be projected to cost $ 400 billion.

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