Russia refuses to reveal 'proof' of Turkey-ISIL link

Kremlin spokesman says information will be used to fight terrorism, not prove claims on oil trade

Russia refuses to reveal 'proof' of Turkey-ISIL link

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Russia claimed Tuesday that it possessed proof of Turkey's oil trade with ISIL but refused to share the information.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the data would instead be used to combat terrorism.

“What is important now is not to have this information and use it to prove something but to use it in fighting terrorism,” Peskov told reporters in Moscow. “This information is being used in fighting terrorism.”

Peskov's remarks came after Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan challenged his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to prove his claim that Turkey was involved in buying oil from ISIL.

Putin had claimed Turkey shot down a Russian military jet last week because it was targeting the oil trade between Turkey and ISIL. Turkey maintains the SU-24 bomber was shot down after ignoring repeated warnings that it was violating Turkish airspace on Nov. 24.

The incident over the Turkey-Syria border has led to escalated tension between Moscow and Ankara, with Putin announcing sanctions against Turkey.

Erdogan said he would step down if Russia could prove the claim about oil and called on Putin to do the same if he could not.

“As soon as such a claim is proved, the nobility of our nation requires [me] to do this,” he said. “I will not remain in this post. But I am asking Mr. Putin, would you remain?”

Erdogan added: “It is obvious where we legally buy oil and natural gas from. Everyone must know that we are not that disreputable to make such a deal with terrorist organizations.”

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