Russians burn books to liquidate Crimea's Ukrainian past

In Crimea Akmescit all the books, published in Ukrainian language and about Ukraine collected and burned

Russians burn books to liquidate Crimea's Ukrainian past

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In Akmescit Simferopol, the member of Crimean Tatars National Assembly Eskender Bariev said all the books in one of the schools' library, published in Ukrainian language, were collected and burned in front of pupils' eyes.

One of the school's students shared news on his facebook account and the message says “either published in Ukrainian language or about Ukraine, all the books were  gathered and then some started to rip the pages up in front of the students' eyes.  Some pupils wanted to take the books away but they weren't allowed to do that...” Eskender Bariev reported for Crimean News Agency.

Bariev also said “I'm really worried because the school's teachers burned the books.”

In Crimea, some incidents, like burning books, have already taken place in the past. Almost all the books published in Crimean Tatar language had been ruined after the annexation of Crimea, previously, in 1783, Bariev reminded.

Crimean Tatar and Ukrainian languages are co-offical languages of Crimea.

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