San Marino rejects EU membership

"No" side gets victory due to insufficient participation in a referendum on EU membership in San Marino.

San Marino rejects EU membership

San Marino, a small city-state located within the borders of Italy, held a referendum on Sunday on accession to the European Union (EU) as a member.

50.3 percent of voters said "Yes" for the EU membership, and 49.7 percent of voters said "No" to EU.

Only 20 percent of Sanmarinese society has attended the referendum.
Although "Yes" votes got the majority with 50.3 percent, voter turnout was below the judiciary average, which was 32 percent.

According to the result of the referendum, Sanmarinese government may not apply for EU membership.

San Marino, whose population is 32 thousand, has a special arrangement with the Council of Europe, and uses the Euro as its currency.

San Marino has been a member of the Customs Union of the EU since 1991.


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alan - 6 yıl Before

this is a small blow for democracy. it is worth noting that very in few of the countries which have been signed up to the EU was a referendum held and in even fewer was there a vote to join.